Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nice Hotels and Dirty Kitchens

I made it to Canyon! Mom and I left at 7:00 yesterday morning and got to Amarillo (about 15 minutes from Canyon) at 9:30 last night. A long day's drive, but it was completely worth it.
As we were driving through Groom, Texas, my mom was frantically making phone calls trying to find a hotel for us to stay in for the night. We made reservations at a Holiday Inn Express. It was expensive, but pretty much worth it. We got two complementary bottles of water. Woot. That's what my mom gets for being a Priority Club Member. Ha. We had a nice stay. My legs hurt from driving, so my mom made me take a hot bath before going to bed. Then, when I finally hopped into bed, P.S. I Love You was on HBO, so I just had to watch the end of it. So, I finally got a good night's sleep when I laid down in bed around 12:15 in the morning.
My alarm scared me (and my mom) awake at 7:45. Mom got up, but it was just too much of an effort to get up with my alarm this morning, so I laid in bed for a while longer.
After checking out of the super-nice, really new hotel, we made our way to Canyon, which was really easy to find. Much bigger than I thought it would be. I thought it would be about the size of Monmouth. Boy, was I wrong. It's much bigger. I can only dream of Monmouth having a Wal-Mart.
We drove around the square about 3 times before finally parking right in front of what we didn't know was the TEXAS! office. I went in and met Ashlee (who, I found out, won't be my immediate supervisor....it will be some guy who I haven't met named Luke), and also filled out a bunch of paperwork. Ashlee gave me directions to the apartments, and we easily found those as well. Didn't really meet anyone special right away, but filled out a lot more paperwork. Once I started moving in, thinking nobody else was there (I knew that I would have two apartment-mates), the girl who I will be sharing a bathroom with appeared from her room. Her name is Tessa and she seems really nice, but she doesn't really talk much. And if you know me, I'm a talker. I love to talk. I've actually had people ask (more like tell) me to shut up before.
Anyway....I finished moving my stuff in, she left, mom and I went out to lunch, went to Wal-Mart, and I dropped her off at the airport. Once I got back to the apartment, I started organizing and cleaning. I began to put my stuff away in the kitchen and realized that there was no way I would be able to live like this. There was an entire shelf in the fridge that was covered in something sticky--I don't even want to know what that was--so I cleaned it up. The pantry was all discombobulated, so I organized and threw out a LOT of stuff. We currently have three tubs of butter, four jars of pickles, three jars of mayo, four jars of peanut butter, LOTS of chicken broth and chicken noodle soup, bags and bags of popcorn, and a whole shelf of cereal. A lot of stuff we don't really need, right? Right. But I don't know who all of this stuff belongs to, so I'm hesitant to throw it away. I also cleaned the cast iron skillet because it was dirty and just sitting on the counter. I think someone tried to clean it with water....BIG oops on their part.
I'm going to tackle the bathroom next. No before and after pictures are required for this one...it's not nearly as bad as the kitchen was. And I think I'm going to wait until tomorrow to clean it.... Or maybe I'll clean it before I shower.
I don't know when Tessa's coming back, but my other apartment-mate, Sara (or is it Sarah?)--who I met when she came home for a spot of dinner around 5:30--should be back around 11:00. Hopefully. She said that hopefully they would be done with rehearsal at 10:30 tonight--they were going to be in the canyon for it tonight. I don't have to be there until Thursday to watch the dress rehearsal. Then next week, I will have a training session early on in the week and work for two days for dress rehearsals, then we open on Friday!
Well, I'm thinking that shower sounds pretty nice. Maybe I'll get motivated to clean the bathtub before I get in it....I don't even know how often it's been cleaned. Know what I mean?

Oh, one last thing....
My address for the summer!

47 Valley View Road Apartment #121
Canyon, Texas 79015

That's all for the moment!
Time for dinner and a shower!


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  1. Wow! That sounds like quite a mess! Does your apartment belong to someone else and they're letting you borrow it? Or are you renting it for the summer? Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!