Monday, May 18, 2009

TEXAS! Musical Drama

Hello all! And welcome to my new blog, TEXAS Tales. This blog will basically be an outlet for me to tell you all about my internship with TEXAS! Musical Drama for the summer. While I'm still in Illinois at the moment (and I will be through the 24th), I wanted to give everyone a heads-up on what's going on here.

I have been hired to work for TEXAS! Musical Drama's hospitality team. Which means I will be working mostly in sales--gift shop, concessions, box office. But I will also hopefully be doing things like directing parking lot traffic and giving tours of the theatre (The Pioneer Amphitheatre, that is, in Canyon, Texas).

Right now I've been getting some paperwork done and turning things in to my employers/supervisors. So far, I've just been keeping myself busy with packing and cleaning the house here in Illinois (there's so much to do before family comes for my sister's graduation--which is why I'm not leaving for Texas until the 25th).
I will keep y'all updated on what's going on, but don't be expecting another post from me until sometime next week when I'm finally in Canyon and getting settled.

Have a beautiful week, and I'll be in touch soon!

Oh, by the way, something exciting I found out yesterday....I get my picture and biography in the souvenir program! Woot!

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  1. Hey Jenny! Have tons of fun in Texas! I'll follow your blog and we can swap stories when we get back to good ol' MC.

    That is, if we ever decide to leave our new states. :o)

    TFJ and Xi Love,